Our windows require very little maintenance. In the unlikely event, that something does go wrong, our Customer Care team are always on hand to help. You’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Timber frames (if installed) expand and contract based on changes in temperature, which may lead to minor warping. This is entirely natural and not considered to be a defect unless it affects the windows’ operation.

If one of your windows won’t open or close, needs adjusting, or there is a problem with the locking mechanism, contact our Customer Care team.

If the weather is hot, and your doors have been open for some time, they may have expanded with the heat. Try cooling them down by dousing them in cold water. If your doors need adjusting due to natural settlement our Customer Care team will take care of it.

The materials used to build your new home release moisture into the air as they dry out, which can lead to condensation forming on internal window panes. This entirely normal and nothing to worry about. It typically takes around nine months to a year for a new home to completely settle in.

There are many simple actions you can take to minimise condensation. Including keeping your home warm and ventilated, using extractor fans when cooking and bathing, and drying laundry outside. You’ll find more helpful tips here.

If condensation appears between the panes of glass in any window or door contact our Customer Care team. We’ll arrange for your windows to be inspected by the manufacturer and they will take care of any alterations that may be required.