If you’ve recently moved into a new Bovis home and you have a problem with your water supply or taps there’s no need to worry, help is no more than a ‘phone call away. You’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Minor blockages can be cleared with liquid pipe unblockers that are available from DIY stores. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Taking out a service plan is the easiest way to ensure your annual service is carried out. Once your plan is set up, you can relax. Your supplier will let you know when your annual service is due and arrange a time to suit you.

First of all, make sure no maintenance work is being carried out in your street. If there isn’t, check whether your neighbours have any water. If they haven’t, contact your water supplier.

Check the internal stopcock is on. Then turn on each one of your cold taps, one after another (make sure you turn them back off after checking them). Finally, check your external stopcock is on. If both stopcocks are on and you still have no water, contact your water supplier.

Your suppliers’ details should be on your water bill. If you haven’t received one, or you haven’t got one to hand, you can find their details here.

If you’ve recently had plumbing work carried out, check that the supply has been switched back on. If you haven’t, and you’re still within the two-year warranty, contact our Customer Care team. If your warranty has expired, please contact a local plumber.