During extremely wet weather conditions some areas of your garden may become waterlogged. This is normal in most gardens and not unique to new homes.

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait. Typically the water will drain away of its own accord within a few days or when the weather improves.

If the water does not drain away within a reasonable time, contact our Customer Care team. If the water is within three metres of your home, we’ll send an expert to take a look and find the best way to resolve the problem.

The best way to minimise the risk of waterlogging is to strike a balance between hard and soft landscaping. Slabs and block paving reduce the rate at which rainwater drains away, whereas grass and soil allow it to be absorbed quickly into the ground.

Waterlogging less than three metres from your home is covered by your warranty. Waterlogging more than three metres from your property does not pose a structural threat to your home and is not covered.