Our garages are built to accommodate a standard family-sized car, or cars in the case of double garages, and provide valuable additional storage space.

Garages are generally constructed using a single skin of brickwork and not the full cavity walls that are used to build the rest of your home. They are therefore not suitable for storing items that may be affected by damp or low temperatures.

Garages are usually constructed in a single skin of brickwork which is not impervious to damp. Garage doors are not watertight. So, water may seep-in under the door in extreme weather conditions with high winds and driving rain.

A wide variety of easy to fit, purpose-made products, including door brushes and floor seals, are available from DIY stores.

If you have a leak in your garage or a problem opening, closing, or locking your garage door, our Customer Care team are available Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:30. If you’re outside your 2-year warranty, please contact a local tradesperson.