Our carpets and floor coverings are all professionally laid and require very little maintenance. Karndean flooring comes with a lifetime guarantee on materials,

If you notice any defects with your flooring it is important that you let us know as soon as possible after you move in. Our warranty covers faults that were present before you started living in your home and substandard materials and workmanship. But it does not cover accidental damage and general wear and tear.

New carpet has a higher level of fibre, which may be noticeable during the first few vacuums. This should settle down, on its own accord, after a few weeks.

Different floor coverings require different cleaning agents. For the best results only use products recommended by the manufacturer. For more information visit your manufacturers website.

If your floor coverings were installed by Bovis and you’re unsure who manufactured them, don’t worry our Customer Care team will point you in the right direction.