Whatever type of floor coving you choose for your new home, you’re assured of a top-pick. All of our carpets, tiles, laminates, vinyl and wood finish floors are easy to look after. All you have to do is give them a little TLC. Here are a few tips:

Placing floor protectors under the legs of your sitting room suite, dining table and bed will help to reduce the pressure on your floor and reduce the risk of indentations.

Every now and again, move heavy objects that rest directly on your carpet to prevent matting and permanent marking.

Wearing outdoor shoes around the house not only treads dirt into your carpet but can also lead to scratching and impact damage on laminate, vinyl and wood finish floors. Leaving high heels, trainers and work shoes at the door is good for your floor - and a treat for your feet.

The more often you give your flooring a once over with the vacuum, mop or a damp cloth; the less chance there is of dust and dirt settling.

Clean floors regularly with a damp cloth and use a degreasing agent to remove staining.

Soak up any spillages as quickly as possible. Standing water can have an adverse effect on laminate, vinyl and wood finish floors, and lead to staining on carpets. Karndean floor cleaning hints and tips,