Losing the electrical supply to your home is frustrating, and it can be alarming if you're suddenly left in the dark. But, typically, it's nothing serious, and you can restore the power supply yourself in a couple of minutes.

First all, take a look out the window to see if the street lights are on, and your neighbours have power in their homes. If the whole street is out, call your network distributor or visit their website or social media pages for more information. If the power cut is confined to your home, check your consumer unit for tripped switches.

If one or more of the switches in your consumer unit have flipped to the off position, all you need to do is switch them back on, one-by-one. starting with the main switch.

This indicates a fault in one of the circuits controlled by the RCD. To find out where the fault is located, switch off all the circuit breakers to the left of the RCD. Then turn them back on one after another until the RCD or circuit breaker trips.

Each circuit breaker is labelled to show the area of your home it controls. To find out the cause of the fault, unplug all electrical equipment in the area. Then switch the circuit breaker on and plug the equipment back in, one at a time, until the power trips again.

Repairs to lighting and electrical circuits should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. If you are within your two-year warranty contact Bovis Customer Care by clicking on Contact Us below and scroll down. If you’re not please contact a qualified electricians in your area.

All of your appliances are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. For Indesit or Hotpoint appliances call 03448 937 382. For Bosch appliances call 03448 928 979. For further information visit Indesit, Hotpoint or Bosch