Extractor fans are fitted as standard in all of our new homes. Quiet and unobtrusive, they play an essential role in preventing condensation, which can cause damp and mould and removing odours.

It is important to use bathroom extractor fans whenever you take a bath or shower. Removing moisture from the air minimises condensation, reducing the risk of damp and mould.

In rooms without a window, extractor fans are fitted with a timer to ensure that steam and humid air continues to be extracted after you have left the room.

Extractor fans require very little maintenance. Simply run the vacuum cleaner over the casing every two or three months to prevent the build-up of dust. Before vacuuming make sure you turn off the power to the unit at the isolation switch.

For cooker hoods that vent outside the house, clean the mesh/grill as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Cooker hoods that vent back into the kitchen have an additional charcoal filter which will need to replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

First of all, check that it is switched on and the light is working. If the light isn’t working, check your consumer unit to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. For more information see Troubleshooting.