Our doors and locks are highly reliable and require very little maintenance. In the unlikely event something does go wrong our Customer Care team are always on hand to help. You’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Timber doors expand and contract based on changes in temperature, which may lead to minor warping. This is entirely natural and not considered to be a defect unless it affects the doors’ operation.

If one of your doors won’t open or close, needs adjusting, or there is a problem with the locking mechanism, contact our Customer Care team.

Windows that are not fitted with locks are fire escape windows, which allow an easy exit in the event of an emergency. They work in the same way as standard windows, but open much wider.

If the weather is hot, and your doors have been open for some time, they may have expanded with the heat. Try cooling them down by dousing them in cold water. If your doors need adjusting due to natural settlement our Customer Care team will take care of it.

Our internal doors have enough clearance between the bottom of the door and the bare floor for most carpets and underlays. If we are fitting your carpets, we will ensure your doors open freely.

Before arranging to have floor coverings laid by an external supplier make sure they measure-up your doorways. If you choose a non-standard thickness, removing, planning and rehanging doors should be included in your quote.

Doorways that connect any home to an integral garage are fitted with fire doors, which are thicker and heavier than standard internal doors. These are usually fitted with a lock and a self-closing mechanism that should not be disabled or removed.