During construction, the materials and fabric of your home absorb thousands of litres of water. Once the house is lived in and heated the materials dry out, which can cause condensation on walls, ceilings, windows and floors. To keep condensation to a minimum, follow these simple tips:

Letting air into your by opening windows and trickle vents will allow it to dry out naturally and reduce the risk of condensation forming.

Extractor fans draw steam out of your home reducing moisture in the air. Opening windows after cooking, showers and baths will further reduce the risk of condensation.

Keeping wardrobe doors open or ajar during the first few months will allow air to circulate and aid the drying out process.

The more space you give your walls to breath the quicker they will dry out.

Keep a window open when drying laundry indoors. If you are using a non-integrated tumble dryer make sure it is vented outside.

To remove condensation and avoid damage to your walls and ceilings, soak up any surface water with a dry cloth. Turn the heating on in the room. Open a window, and keep the door shut.