Our homes are designed to minimise energy consumption, noise, drafts and the risk of fire, while maximising space and comfort. To achieve this, they are constructed using a combination of solid, drylined, partition, and in the case of adjoining properties, party walls.

Cavity walls are load-bearing walls that support the weight of your home. External walls are constructed from blocks and bricks with insulation in-between to reduce heat loss, provide insulation from the external environment and prevent the passage of moisture from outside.

The inner-face of external walls and loadbearing internal walls are lined with plasterboard to provide a smooth even finish.

Partition walls are non-load-bearing walls that divide internal spaces into individual rooms. They are normally constructed from a timber or metal frame, which is lined with plasterboard on each side.

Party walls separate two adjoining properties. They are usually built from bricks or blocks with a cavity construction filled with sound insulation material and finished with plaster or plasterboard.

Yes. Before hanging curtain rails, shelves, mirrors, or any other wall mounted items, it is important that you check what type of wall you are fixing to and use appropriate fixings. See Decorating for more details.

We will explain which walls are suitable for fixing to at your Home Demonstration. If you’re unsure our Customer Care team are always happy to help (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:30).

Before drilling into any wall in your home, it is important to establish the exact position of embedded cables and pipes. The easiest way to do this is with a cable detector (available from DIY stores).