If you notice any small cracks in your brickwork, there is no need to be alarmed. Shrinkage cracks are a normal occurrence in newly built homes and not a sign of structural problems or poor construction.

Shrinkage cracks are a natural part of the drying out process. Building materials are exposed to a lot of moisture during the construction of your home. Different materials dry out at different rates, which often leads to minor cracking in internal walls and external walls.

Small cracks, less than 15mm wide in bricks and mortar, or 5mm wide and less, in concrete or render, are perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. If you have any larger cracks, contact our Customer Care team and we’ll send an expert out to take a look.

We will repair any cracks over 15mm wide in bricks and mortar and over 5mm wide in concrete or render, which might affect the performance of the structure.

We can’t promise a perfect colour match. However, any remedial work will be carried out using complementary materials and any variation should diminish with weathering over time.