The colour and texture facing bricks that are used to construct your home have been hand-picked to suit the style of the property and complement other external finishes.

Natural colour variations can occur during brick production. Colour variations from brick to brick break up the uniformity of walls and give each home a character all of its own.

We have our internal standards and work within the guidelines set by the NHBC details of which can be found in Chapter 9.1 of the NHBC Standards book. To download a copy visit the NHBC website. If you have any further questions, our Customer Care team are here to help Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:30.

The appearance of white deposits (efflorescence) on external walls often occurs in new homes particularly during spells of alternating wet and dry weather. The marking is caused by natural salts seeping out from within the brick and usually disappears without any treatment over time.

Any white deposits on your brickwork should clear-up on their own over time. If you want to remove them yourself, wait until the weather is dry, then gently scrub the brickwork with a stiff non-metallic brush.